Meet Enrique Sarap – Our new team member

July 27, 2020

We are excited to announce our newest team member and new Analyst, Enrique Sarap. Enrique reached out to us during his gap year and officially joined us as an intern in the winter of 2019. Despite his young age and a global shutdown, he immediately showcased his talent and motivation while bringing a youthful perspective and mature analytical mind.

Enrique is about to begin his undergraduate studies at the University of Tartu and will help us setup our Tartu Office. Although his curiosity spans a wide variety of industries, he is most interested in investments in fintech, cybersecurity, and AI – He will be working towards his degree in Computer Science. He has been involved in a few entrepreneurial projects in fintech and cybersecurity himself.

If anyone find themselves in Tartu or wants to have a conversation, don’t hesitate to reach out – .

Enrique Q&A:

How did you get into the VC world?

From quite a young age I was fascinated by finance, specifically investing, entrepreneurship, and technological innovation. I found the concept of building a company around a novel technology and reaching scale immersive and exciting. Particularly, the Estonian success stories were inspiring. So, the idea of getting into venture has been in the back of my head for a while, luckily Tera has given me the opportunity to RealEyes (pun intended) my aspirations. 

Which industries are you most interested in? 

Intellectually I currently find the most interesting industries to be cybersecurity, financial technologies, and applications of AI in different verticals. Though, I’m curious to learn about companies innovating across the board, from robotics to enterprise software. 

What’s your role at Tera?

At Tera, I work on the investment team as an analyst, helping to source and identify new investment opportunities and support active investments. 

You can meet me at different ecosystem events or at our Tartu office where I’m stationed. In addition, you can simply reach out to me on LinkedIn; I’m more than happy to connect and learn about new ventures.

Are there some foolproof ways to get your attention when a startup wants Tera VC to invest in them? 

I wouldn’t necessarily say foolproof since every case and industry has distinct characteristics. However, I’d say that start-ups with a strong differentiating component or leveraging network effects due to the immense value that companies with network effects account for) are prone to be intellectually engaging.

Name a recent book or a podcast that really got your attention?

I’m an avid listener of the Jason Calacanis’ This Week in Startups podcast. I’ve found the latest season of conversations with partners from various top venture firms especially interesting due to the fact that it opens you up to a lot of perspectives and thought patterns, which you can use to improve your thinking about companies and the society more broadly.

What is a non-work passion you have?

Since I find investing conceptually captivating, I often find myself learning more about valuation or corporate finance and listening/contemplating the viewpoints of acknowledged finance professors. Furthermore, in terms of public equity, I’m curious about quantitative investing.